Call for Providers
Dale Crider played and
sang special
Odum-emergy-nature songs.

International Society for the Advancement of Emergy Research

The Emergy Society

World Summit – Emergy Analysis for Designing a Prosperous and Sustainable Future

The  International  Society  for  the  Advancement  of  Emergy  Research  holds its research conference
biennially. The intention now is to run a broader based conference to complement the emergy research
conference,  which  would  appeal  to  a  wider  audience  including:  policy  makers,  government  
officials, not-for-profits and academics from a variety of disciplines interested in finding out more about
emergy evaluation including both analysis and synthesis. A particular emphasis would be placed on
providing practical applications of the emergy methodology in real-world decision-making.

The conference will be high-profile, designed to showcase emergy ideas and methods.  If
successful, it would attract top quality, invited keynote speakers who would have the gravitas to
attract a significant worldwide audience. The venue and the conference organization would need to be
suitable for such an occasion.  A  working  conference  title  and  theme  would  be:

“World  Summit –Emergy  Analysis  for  Designing  a Prosperous  and Sustainable  Future”.  

The conference attendance should be at least 300 and we expect it to be held sometime in mid to late
2016.  The  conference  will  include:  an opening  address  from  an  eminent  person,  keynote  
addresses, parallel  paper  sessions,  roundtable  discussions,  pre-conference  master classes  (for  
attendees  wanting to  learn  more  about  emergy  methods  and ideas)  and  possibly field  trips.  A key
focus would be on showing how emergy analysis can provide insight into global issues such as food
security, climate change, urban development, peak oil, deforestation and the growth/de-growth debate.

Another focus will be on the emergy paradigm and how it provides a powerful alternative perspective to
mainstream economics, and perhaps how it interfaces with methods such as life-cycle assessment,
ecological footprint, economic analyses, etc. We expect a lively and challenging debate about the role of
emergy methods in societal decision-making.

We are now looking for applications from institutions/individuals/groups/agencies interested in organizing
this international conference. The following factors will be evaluated in considering each application:

1. Contact  information: Contact  person and  a  list  all  individuals  that  you  would  like  to
involve in the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and any staff resources for local assistance in
organizing  the conference logistically.

2. Proposed location: Please identify a suitable meeting venue that can accommodate
conference participants.  The proposed meeting facilities must be able to accommodate the
following: plenary  sessions,  concurrent  sessions,  poster  and  exhibition  area, video streaming
and/or video recording of  videos  for diffusion  on the Internet  (Vimeo,  YouTube), information
and registration  desk,  receptions,  catering  areas, computer  and  internet  access,  student
workshops, books and other publication stands, press interview rooms and other small meeting

3. Accessibility  and  lodging: Please  describe  transportation  and  lodging  options  and  ease  of
access  to  the conference  site.  The  location  of  the  conference  venue  should  be reasonably
accessible  for  international  and  national  participants  and  not  too  costly  or  time-consuming to
get  there.  Accommodation  should  be  available  in  broad  price  and  quality  ranges  for  all
conference participants.  

4. Finance,  potential  sponsorships  and  in-kind  support: The  LOC  is  responsible  for  all
financial  aspects  linked  with  the  administration  and  organization  of  the  conference,  which
should  be  self-financing.  Next  to  conference  registration  fees,  sponsoring  and  in-kind  support
may  play  an  important  role.  It  is  advisable  that  the  LOC  organizes  fund-raising  activities:
financial,  scholarships,  and  in-kind  contributions  towards  the  conference  are  welcome. Please
describe your ideas in this respect. It is expected that external sponsorship of at least $US
50,000 would be required to make this conference successful.

5. Marketing and international connectivity. The  LOC  should  be  well-connected  into
international  and  government  organizations  that  have  influence,  and  can  promote  this
conference on a worldwide stage, and/or at the very least be able to attract a significant audience
from some of the world's larger regional centers.

6. The amenities of the location: including restaurants, arts, recreation and other attractions.

7. Sustainability and environmental advantages: please list the advantages that your site
and conference can offer in relation to environmental sustainability. This can refer to offerings
by local hotels, food and waste options, (public) transportation, etc.  

8. Previous experience in organizing scientific meetings or conferences:  Please list events,
responsible individuals / groups.  

A proposer is not expected to have firm answers to all questions at this stage. However, an application
is required by 15 June 2014. The International Emergy Conference Committee of the ISAER will select
its preferred provider by 31 July 2014.  Finances and sponsorship must be confirmed by the Local
Organizing Committee by 1 April 2015.

Applications must be sent to Professor Murray Patterson (
no later than 15 June 2014.

Members  of  the International  Emergy  Conference  Committee  of  the  ISAER who will  evaluate  the
applications are:

- Professor Murray Patterson  (Chairperson), Massey University, New Zealand

- Professor Simone Bastianoni,  University of Siena, Italy

- Dr. Daniel Campbell, Environmental Protection Agency, Rhode Island, United States

- Professor Shu-Li Huang, National Taipei University, Taiwan

- Professor Enrique Ortega, University  of Campinas, Brazil  

- Professor Sergio Uligati, Parthenope University of Naples, Italy