The Emergy Society supports various methods of communication
    among its members. Two primary communication tools are the
    Society Web Site and the Emergy List Serve.

    The list serve allows any list serve member to post a message so
    that everyone can read it and comment on it. An application to join
    the List Serve can be found in this section.

    Members can also send letters and questions to be  posted on the
    Emergy Society's website Letters page in this section. In addition,
    we will soon have two new features in the Communications
    section, the Technical Tips page and the Forum page.  The Forum
    page will be devoted to topics of current interest in emergy
    research and the technical tips page will focus on little known, not
    well understood or controversial aspects of emergy evaluation.
    Both of these new features are intended to facilitate discussion
    and are open to input from the membership.

    The Communications section also includes reports on conferences
    and meetings, a list of new publications in emergy research, and
    other newsworthy items. These sections are not very informative
    without content, so members are invited to send in a short account
    of events that they have participated in that might be of interest to
    ISAER members. We will begin listing all new emergy research
    publications on the web site, so please send in the references for
    any new papers published within the past year or so to  Finally, on the Papers and Publications page, the
    Chairman of our Publications Committee has provided a list of
    journals that have accepted publications on emergy research
    during the past 10 years.

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